Understanding how your skin changes as you age

Understanding how your skin changes as you age

Understanding how your skin changes as you age

Understanding how your skin changes as you age

The American Aging Association understands that many people want to delay the effects of aging, as early signs of aging can be stressful or even alarming. Understanding how your skin ages as well as proactive steps you can take can help you slow down the process. Here are the details.


In Your 20's

Most people in their 20s complain about dullness, often noticing that they look more tired. These changes may result from genetics, inadequate sleep, or stress. This is why skincare professionals advise people in their 20s to develop a thorough skin care routine. Doing so can prepare the skin for more advanced changes.


Exposing bare skin to sunlight can result in burns and wrinkles. For this, applying broad spectrum sunscreen to your face is strongly recommended to prevent premature aging and skin damage.


In addition, choosing a topical retinol or AHA/BHA serum will help rejuvenate your skin by lifting and brightening tired skin. Scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist to decide which products are right for you will help you take steps to rejuvenate your skin, making you comfortable and confident.  


In Your 30's

Research shows that your 30’s bring a time of transition.  By this time, your skin has reached post puberty, and it is crucial to start investing in your skin health. The early signs of aging often appear more when you get to your 30s due to increased exposure to the elements. Sun damage will be noticeable in the form of heavier pigmentation and fine lines, and there could be volume loss in your cheeks, jaw, and around your mouth. Your skin may also appear duller and need an extra boost to gain that youthful glow.


Signs of aging are typically the result of unprotected sun exposure and weakened skin repair as Collagen levels in your body start to decrease. With this decrease, skin appears looser, wrinkles appear deeper, and blood vessels underneath the eyes start to become more visible.


At this point, the routine you developed in your 20s is more essential than ever. Studies reveal that applying topical retinol can help firm up the skin and remove fine lines. Taking in more antioxidants nutritionally in your 30s is ideal. These nutrients can help repair sun damage and help your skin renew itself. Plant-based foods have more antioxidants, so it is best to incorporate more of them in your weekly meals.


In Your 40's

This is when you will see major changes in your skin’s firmness, potentially showing a significant loss in elasticity and volume. Melasma may develop because of more sun damage. Once you’ve hit your 40s it’s time to start investing in aesthetic treatments! Many skin doctors say that mixing your skincare knowledge with in-office skin treatments will result in successful results. Lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as getting more hours of sleep, can help pull back aging.


In Your 50's

With menopause on the horizon for most women, skin dryness becomes more obvious. Keeping up with your skincare routine will help retain some moisture in your skin. Hormonal changes can trigger more skin changes. Instead of trying your best to look younger, highlight your best traits.


In Your 60's and Beyond

You can still start anti-aging treatments when you reach this age. Regular in-office treatments can help you look more radiant all the time. Drinking more water and getting the right treatments or products to bring more moisture to your skin to maintain that highly desirable youthful glow.



Knowing how your skin changes as you age can help you care for it more. At Total Body Aesthetics, we aim to provide custom-fit care to our patients. Visit our office in Los Angeles, California for an in-person consultation. Call (310)-670-1920 to set an appointment or inquire about our anti-aging treatment packages.

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