How RF Therapy Makes Skin Look Younger

How RF Therapy Makes Skin Look Younger

How RF Therapy Makes Skin Look Younger

How RF Therapy Makes Skin Look Younger

Youth is one of the most coveted things in all of human history. Many myths and local folk stories are littered with the ideas of immortality and eternal youth. While living forever is out of reach, the idea of looking younger even in old age is close. So close that all you need is the right doctor. Many procedures are available, but the most ideal would be noninvasive and effective.

Noninvasive and effective is one of the best ways to describe RF therapy. A unique advancement in the cosmetic industry that allows patients to get rid of their obvious signs of aging in a few short sessions. 


What Is RF Therapy?


Radio frequency skin tightening or RF therapy is a noninvasive treatment to tighten your skin. The treatment utilizes radio waves to heat the underlying tissues under the skin. The heat leads to more collagen production, the most prevalent protein in the body. The protein molecule grows into a complex network under the treatment area, making your skin firmer. 

Sagging skin is a standard age marker—usually starting at age 35. Sagging skin is a typical result of declining collagen quality and quantity in your body. Since 2001, RF has been used to stimulate collagen growth and restore skin laxity and tautness. 


How Does RF Work?


The health professional will place a small device on the part of your skin where the treatment is needed. The device produces radio frequency energy waves to heat the underlying tissues. The waves penetrate your skin, leave it untouched, and make their way to the dermis. 

While the device heats the dermis tissues, it encourages them to produce three main compounds, elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. These are some of the critical components in the body that deteriorate while we age. 

The treatment harms the dermis, but this is the main reason it works. The heat on the dermis puts your body into overdrive to repair the tissue. The repair requires large amounts of collagen and other compounds, paving the way for skin tightening. 


What Are the Benefits of RF?


Restores Sun-damaged Skin


A 2011 study showed patients who had three months of radio frequency therapy experienced significant improvements. When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it leads to the breakage of collagen fibers. The result is disorganized collagen fibers under the skin, leading to a characteristic sun-damaged look. 


Face Contouring


In a small study, researchers analyzed the effect of RF with pulsed electromagnetic treatment. They ran the study over eight weeks for patients with facial skin laxity. Within that time, eleven of the participants had improvement in facial laxity. A whopping 73% had facial contour improvement. 


Fine Lines and Wrinkles


To find out the effect of RF on fine lines and wrinkles, scientists analyzed 70 middle-aged women. The women had three treatments over six weeks, leading to a significant reduction of wrinkles and fine lines around their eyes. 


Firming Loose Skin


RF helps tighten the skin through the formation of new collagen proteins under it. Loose skin can occur for many reasons, such as pregnancy or aging.

For more on how RF therapy makes skin look younger, visit Total Body Aesthetics at our office in Los Angeles, California. Call (310)-670-1920 to book an appointment today.

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